Certification exam: VETcert – Consulting Level

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Certification exam: VETcert – Consulting Level 



Certification VETcert is qualification managed by European Arboricultural Council. The exam in the Czech Republic is organised by Arboricultural Academy (VETcert certification centre). 

The examination aim is to test the knowledge and skills that the candidates demostrated in relation to the VETcert standards: www.vetcert.eu


Exam content:

The event will be held in the English language.


The certification is divided into three parts: written examination, practical exercises and creation of tree management reports.

Indoor written examination – the exam paper contains approximately 45 questions that require a short, written answer.

Outdoor practical exercises - consists of individual exercises and part covering general questions.


          • The first exercise requires to undertake a survey of two veteran trees, collecting sufficient information to produce a management plan

          • The second exercise relates to the history of a tree/landscape

          • The third exercise relates to the risk assessment of a tree


Tree management reports – candidates have to complete two reports for surveyed trees during practical outdoor exercise.  The reports have to be completed according given structure:


           • Basic Information for each tree

           • Health and Vitality for each tree

           • Structural Condition for each tree

           • Wildlife, historical, cultural or social values of each tree

           • Two Most Significant Threats (cause and scale) to each tree

           • Two Management Options (including pros and cons) for each tree

           • Preferred Management Option (including justification) for each tree

           • Detailed Specification for Preferred Management Option for each tree (including timescale)

           • Final Conclusions and Limitations.


Authorised and compulsory equipment

           • Candidates are allowed to use only a camera in outdoor exercise to take photos of the trees to be included in your report however no other electronic

             technology may be used.

          • Candidates should bring all the equipment necessary for collecting all sufficient data about surveyed trees.

          • For producing the report, candidates should bring their laptops.


Entry conditions: 

What do I need to apply for the certification?

To apply for this certification, you must choose one potential route and have the following prerequisites:


Route 1: 

1. Applicant holds the EAC’s European Tree Technician (ETT) or relevant qualification – proved by the number of certification and copy od certificate 


Minimum five years relevant experience in total, of which three should be in a consulting or advisory role

proved by declaration on honour and by the list of references.


Route 2: 

2. Applicant is able to prove knowledge and experience at an equivalent level to the EAC’s ETT or relevant qualification/certificate detailed above


Minimum ten years relevant experience in total, of which five should be in a consulting or advisory role –

proved by declaration on honour and by list of references.


Duration of exam: 1 day

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Certification outputs:

Certificates and ID cards for VETcert – Consulting level issued by EAC. 

Maximum number of people:


Detail information about VETcert project and exam included training material you will find on the www.vetcert.eu 

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